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I Love My Pit Bulls - a personal site about my wonderful dogs.


October 13, 2001 -
July 26. 2003

October 1999 -
Jan 2001

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Tigger in her harness
Tigger and kittens


  Brindle, 48 lbs, dog-aggressive

     Tigger is my brindle pit. She was a rescue of sorts... she was given to us by my husband's friend when he was living in Albany, NY. His landlord would not allow the dog to stay,  and it was either take her out of have the dog put to sleep. She's been with us for years, with no regrets.

     Tigger loves long walks, jogging, romping and playing with Sadie and our  cats, giving humans kisses, and Frisbee as well. She hates strange dogs and cats, however (but look at her with the kittens at home!)


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