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October 13, 2001 -
July 26. 2003

October 1999 -
Jan 2001

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Sadie in the grass
Sleepy Sadie
Sadie taking a break
Sadie in the Snow
Sadie & Tigger play Frisbee
Sadie & Tigger on the hunt!
Sadie & Tigger


 October 13, 2001 - July 26. 2003

 Red-Nosed Red, 80 lbs, non-dog aggressive

     Sadie was my red-nosed Red. When Noey died from cancer, we bought Sadie from a very reputable breeder out of Groten, CT called Montgomery XL.

     Sadie loved belly rubs, got along with other dogs (and cats!), and her favorite pastime was giving humans kisses. Sadie was not too fond of vehicles, however - but with a leash and a harness, she'd be ready to go.

     Sadie and Tigger were polar opposites in  every aspect - except their love of humans.

     We lost our Sadie due to the negligence of our local animal hospital. Please read this before you board your dogs anywhere.

     We were planning to go away for the 4th of July, and had taken Sadie and Tigger to the Newburgh Veterinary Hospital (1716 Route 300 Newburg, 845-564-2660). The hospital showed my husband two small metal crates, and said that these crates were only temporary; the dogs would not be kept in the crates and would be placed in a different area.

     The dogs were kept there, however, the basement door held shut by only a paint can. Both dogs broke out of the crates and escaped the basement that night.

     Tigger was found on the couch the next morning, but Sadie had broken through a screen window and escaped. Newburgh Veterinary Hospital did not notify us or the police until several crucial hours had gone by - in fact, we were not notified until 12:30 that afternoon.

     Sadie had been spotted a few times in the following weeks. We had heard that the dog had received a broken leg at some point.

     On July 26th, Sadie was hit by a vehicle and killed on Route 84. The monogram on her shoulder was how we identified her, her body was so badly damaged.

     The Newburgh Veterinary Hospital is responsible for Sadie's demise! They lied to us, failed to notify us when the dogs escaped and caused her death through sheer negligence. If they had boarded her correctly, none of this would have happened. I will do whatever it takes to make sure nobody else has to go through this kind of torment because of someone else's negligence!

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